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25th Annual Conference on Aging

Our 25th Annual Conference on Aging provided an energizing mix of thought-provoking ideas from noted aging experts. AARP Foundation’s Lisa Marsh Ryerson gave an inspiring keynote address on loneliness and social isolation.

“Social isolation is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes each day,” she noted. “It costs Medicare $6.7 billion each year, and costs $230 million in Ohio alone. When older adults are not embraced we all suffer. We need human connection to thrive.”

Ryerson mentioned the AARP Foundation’s new site – -- which helps break down barriers that isolate people from their communities. She also shared a pilot program in California that provides seniors with free transportation to anywhere they would like to go through a new app-based concierge program.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Michael Roizen introduced the idea of the ”Great Age Reboot,” that can reset cells to an embryonic stage where they can regrow damaged tissues and organs. He suggests this reboot can turn the body’s age back 30 years and has had success with some test groups. Steps like controlling blood pressure, proper nutrition, stress reduction, losing weight, getting enough sleep and preventing brain decline can all contribute to helping “reboot” your genetics.

group of people smiling at a conferenceTwo prestigious awards were presented at this year’s Conference. The Barbara Galloway Award was presented to Malachi House for their work in providing hospice care to those with little or no financial resources, and the Candace L. Carmichael Award – was awarded to Dr. Edward McKinney, for 40-plus years of dedication to furthering the issues facing aging populations.

“The most impactful people in my life are the seniors from my childhood,” McKinney noted. “And my students are still inspiring me. They contribute to me and I contribute to them. I give credit to the team that built me, from my youth through today.”

Thank you to all who joined us for the 25h Annual Cuyahoga County Conference on Aging on September 13, 2019. Enjoy our 25th Anniversary video above. To access the Power Point Presentations, click the links below: