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DSAS Reports



DSAS 2018 Statistical Performance Report

DSAS by the Numbers 2014-2018

2018 DSAS Customer Satisfaction Survey Annual Report

2014-2016 Strategic Plan 

2018 DSAS Semi-Annual Statistical Performance Report

DSAS 2018 Semi-Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

SNAP usage for seniors 60 and older by community, 2013-2017 

2017 DSAS Annual Statistical Performance Report

2017 DSAS Semi-Annual Performance Report

2017 Semi Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

2016 DSAS Annual Statistical Performance Report

2016 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

In 2016, DSAS received 1,145 surveys, and had a response rate of 31%. For Adult Protective Services (APS), surveys are sent to the person making the referral to APS. This report provides an analysis of all questions that were asked in each survey. A sample of the comments received is provided at the end of the report. Scores from surveys received for the Community Social Services Program (CSSP) program are used in the overall evaluation of providers contracted by DSAS.

2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Impact Report to the Community 
2015 DSAS Statistical Performance Report